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Socializing helps you live longer?

Did you know that socializing helps you live longer? That’s right, the time you spend socializing with your friends, family members and even strangers just might help you live longer. No wonder Napa Valley is one of the healthiest places to live. In a recent blog post, I listed my 10 favorite annual events in Napa Valley. From wine and food extravaganzas featuring local and international chefs and cult wines, to cultural events starring world-famous artists in our vineyards, caves and stunning wineries, the Napa Valley is the perfect place to get out and socialize. In fact, just last year, CNN designated Napa one of the 10 healthiest places in the world after a local campaign to submit videos of healthful living.

“There was dancing in San Diego and Montreal, water skiing in Birmingham, Alabama, and plyometrics in Munich, Germany,” CNN said in a news release. “But it was the residents of Napa, California, who really hit the ground running.”

The latest research by Susan Pinker, psychologist and the author of The Village Effect and HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani confirms a strong correlation between social behavior and longevity.

“If you see people face to face, there’s a biological cascade of events that happens, and we’re finding out that these biological events, such as hormones that are released, help to protect your health,” Pinker said. “We know now that, for example, men who have intimate relationships, who participate in teams or groups, are better protected by their social relationships than they are by medication after a heart attack or stroke. It’s much more powerful than we ever believed before.”

Pinker is not only talking about socialization with your family or tight friends, but says conversing with the variety of people you encounter on a day-to-day basis brings a wealth of wellness perks.

The bottom line is that science now confirms what we knew all along: mankind has always had an innate need for social interactions. Regardless of where on the introvert-extrovert spectrum you fall, you are wired to socially connect to some degree.

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