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Introducing the She Shed

If men have “man caves” where they can escape, why shouldn’t women have their own escape: a “she shed?” This new trend is sure to help ladies everywhere shed the stresses of the everyday. Typically constructed in a backyard nook, these tiny cottages are perfect for women who want alone time for reading, creating, gardening, or even napping. There are no rules to building a she shed; they’re anything you want them to be (and then some).

If you are considering developing your own she shed, read these important tips by Victoria Smith, San Francisco-based blogger behind the interior design blog “SF Girl By The Bay“:

  1. Give it a fresh coat.Smith suggests painting the entire space—whether it’s a shed or any other derelict outbuilding—a bright white shade, floors included. This, she says, can “give it a breath of fresh life!”
  2. Bring the outside in.Let your shed feel like an extension of the outside space that surrounds it for an airy, tranquil vibe. Smith says, “Adding a feminine floral print will bring the garden inside, and create more depth to the she shed.” Plus, she suggests adding some live plants within the space.
  3. Get comfortable.You want your she shed to be a place where you can feel relaxed and pampered. To that end, furnish it with pieces that feel cozy and serene. “Placing a daybed, topped with lots of comfy pillows will bring the comfort, and make it a space you actually want to spend your time,” Smith says.she shed
  4. Decorate your way.Whatever your aesthetic, run wild with it — after all, it’s your own space to define any way you wish! Smith suggests you might complete your look with “lots of layered rugs and sitting poufs, a small vintage desk and a comfy chair to work from.”
  5. Don’t forget the outside.Smith suggests hanging window boxes, for instance with flowers and vines. She adds, “Lastly, hang some globe lights around the exterior for an inviting look!”

If you are looking for that perfect property to develop your own she shed, all you need to do is contact me at 707-738-4820 or email me at [email protected]. As a top producing Realtor® in Napa Valley, I have access to some extraordinary wineries, vineyards, estates and homes in Napa, Yountville, Saint Helena and Calistoga that are not on the open market. The inventory is extraordinary right now and each and every property has spectacular views, plus room for your own she shed!

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