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Building Plans Review Process

The following steps and descriptions provide a general outline of the Building Division’s plan review process.

  1. You must appear at the Building Division’s counter with the required documents (i.e, plans, calculations, energy compliance forms, supplemental information & application information). Your application package will be reviewed for completeness by Building Division staff. Applications that are not complete will not be accepted. Building staff will advise you as to what information is lacking and provide with a checklist for your use.
  2. If your application is complete, we will require the payment of an estimated Plan Review Fee. Your application will be “logged in” and you will be advised approximately when the first review might take place.
  3. Plan review fees are required at time of submittal of plans. They will be estimated when the plans are brought in for submittal. Additional fees will be required prior to permit issuance dependent upon the project and plans submitted.
  4.  As soon as possible, after initial screening, your plans will undergo the first review. You will be advised by letter as to what deficiencies, if any, have been identified in your plans. The letter will also list the other County Departments we have contacted for clearances.
  5. Following receipt of your first review letter, you or your plan preparer must pick up your plans at Building Division counter. Identified plan deficiencies must be addressed and returned promptly to our office.
  6. Upon completion of the required corrections, you must deliver your plans and other requested data/information to Division counter. The plans will then be “logged in” again and placed on the re-submittal list. Note: You or your plan preparer should carefully address each identified plan deficiency and be sure the corrected plans reflect all necessary changes. Failure to do so may result in delays in the permit process.
  7. Following re-submittal, your plans will be re-checked and approved or re-marked for further corrections. In either case, you will be notified again by mail as to their status.
  8. If the plans are now approved, they will be filed awaiting any needed approvals by all relevant County Departments prior to permit issuance.
  9. Upon receipt of all required Department clearances, you will be notified by mail that your permit can be issued.
  10. Any changes in the initial submittal may result in additional fees as needed to cover the cost of the review process. Note: Projects within the City of Napa Water Service Area may be subject to one or more of the following: 1. Participation of the Toilet Retrofit Program per City of Napa Municipal Code, Title 13.09, “Permanent Water Conservation Regulations”, and/or 2. The processing of an Outside Water Service Application, including requirements to abide by the current fees and conditions as so specified in the Outside Water Service Application prior to the release of any clearances. Further questions can be directed to the City of Napa Water Conservation, (707) 257-9521 ext. 7497.
  11. Payment of any remaining fees and issuance of your building permit!
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