5 Most Expensive Napa Wines: The Secrets behind the Golden Bottles

5 Most Expensive Napa Wines: The Secrets behind the Golden Bottles

Wine is not just a symbol of luxury–it is a work-of-art that has been perfected over time. With patience, diligence and passion as its main ingredients, a bottle of wine can sweep all our worries and apprehensions away and draw us to a magical world where we can find peace and solitude.

Needless to say, there is more to a glass of wine than what meets the eye, which explains why many people splurge on the most expensive Napa wines without even giving it a second thought. Characterized by their distinct notes and flavors, the luxurious wines below can make other brands go green with envy.

5 Most Expensive Napa Wines

Screaming Eagle Cabernet

It’s easy to turn vineyards into gold if you know where to find the best soil, and that’s one thing you can learn from Jean Phillips–a realtor turned winemaker who started investing in parcels of land for Screaming Eagle Cabernet in 1986. Six years later, the brand debuted with the 1992 vintage, which effortlessly stole the spotlight from other top wine brands. Unique in flavor and texture, the Screaming Eagle Cabernet became a collector’s favorite shortly after its release because it successfully epitomizes California’s vibrant wine tradition.

Today, the 1992 Screaming Eagle vintage’s average price reaches over $10,000, while other wine variants under Screaming Eagle’s cabinet are sold at around $3,000. While this may seem too much for a bottle of wine, critics would beg to disagree. As they say, you can’t put a price on value and luxury. Screaming Eagle is now owned by Stan Kroenke.

Harlan Estate

Bagging the second spot in the most expensive Napa wines is Harlan Estate–a world-class wine that perfectly combines intensity, power, depth, and elegance. Harlan Estate was a vision that turned into reality when Bill Harlan bought undeveloped land and founded the winery in the year 1984. As a part the real estate industry, Harlan saw great potential in the area and partnered with professional winemakers to cultivate and build vineyards. Thanks to the team’s consistent effort to select only the freshest fruits for their intensive winemaking process, Harlan Estate quickly rose to the top.

Sold at over $890, Harlan Estate continuously climbs the ladder towards being the most expensive wine in Napa as its average price drastically increases over the years. With price hikes reaching 8% in just a year, critics are best to buy a bottle of this luxurious wine now.

Tusk Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Tusk Estate Cabernet Sauvignon brings wine to a new level with its classy yet bold flavors. The brand took its competitors by surprise when it became the third most expensive Napa wine despite being a new entrant in the list. Made by Philippe Melka, an iconic winemaker/consultant, the Tusk Estate Cabernet Sauvignon embodies everything that a luxury wine should be–personalized, sophisticated and one-of-a-kind.

On average, the Tusk Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is sold at $868 if you can find it –a figure that’s only slightly lower than Harlan Estate. Designed to fit your lifestyle, Tusk Estate guarantees a bottle full of surprises.

Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon

If there’s one thing that makes owning a bottle of Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon so special, it’s that rare sense of exclusivity. With just 500 cases being released on an annual basis, critics and collectors are sure to find themselves in winery paradise once they get a hand of this exquisite wine. As a plus, the average price of Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon is a lot cheaper at $724.

Grown from one of the oldest vines in Napa, the fruits used for Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon is rich in taste and texture since they are sourced from 20 to 22 lots with different soils and clones. Interestingly, the brand, which is now owned by Rutherford Bret Lopez, bears rich heritage. The first cabernet grapes for Scarecrow were planted by the legendary winemaker John Daniel Jr. back in 1945 on a piece of land owned by Joseph Judson Cohn–the executive producer of the Wizard of Oz who also happens to be Lopez’s grandfather. Lopez derived the term “scarecrow” from one of the Oz’s characters.


Another collector’s favorite is Promontory–a new entrant on the list of the most expensive Napa wines. Although it was just launched in the year 2014, Promontory already made a massive name in the industry as it got high critic ratings soon after its release. Proof that there are real gems even in the most unknown and deserted territories, Promontory is a product of patience and perseverance. The then isolated land, which was discovered by H. William in the 1980’s, was acquired by the Harlan family in 2008. As younger generations worked on the land, they discovered areas that displayed rare yet powerful characteristics that are idyllic for growing vineyards. From an abandoned land to a fruitful vineyard, Promontory resonates the power of change.

After appreciating by 20% since its launch in 2014, Promontory’s selling price now averages at $664.

The most expensive Napa wines are bound by one common thread: they are all cultivated from the finest sought after soils. By combining the best soils from the best AVA’s with a great winemaker, you too can create a wine brand that you can call your own–a brand that personifies everything great about luxury wine. Need help with finding the perfect vineyard estates? Contact us now and discover the best vineyards Napa Valley has to offer.

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